Fumi Gomez is a film and theatre director.

She is from Japan and Spain. With a background in law, business, and performing arts, she has worked in several countries, creating and developing projects for film and stage.

She is focused on ground breaking storytelling, seeking new expressive ways and blending influences from all around the world. She is heavily invested in theatre and film that speaks from a female, intersectional, culturally diverse perspective, in a way that is unique, political and entertaining.


Creator of Making Films; a guerrilla filmmaking group with over 1700 members. She has curated a total of 57 short films made on a zero budget, each month and screened at a London venue. Eight of which were films directed by her. For more info please CLICK HERE.

She is a freelance associate artist at the National Youth Theatre. Co-founder of Horatio Productions and the Science Fiction Theatre Festival in London. For more info please visit: www.scifitheatre.com