Currently directing the feature film Message Sent 

A dark comedy about how the members of a failing social network struggle with loneliness, honesty and their darkest impulses. A tapestry of stories created by Horatio Productions, all shot by the cast, the students of Regent's University. Seven countries, 13 actors, one feature film.


The entirety of this film was created during the global lock-down of the COVID-19 pandemic. All of the actors followed social distancing and isolation measures during the recording of the film.






Other filmmaking stuff:

  • Creator of Making Films: Guerrilla filmmaking group with over 1700 members. Curated and screened 57 short films made on a zero budget in one month. Click here.

  • Filmmaking Workshop Leader: Zero budget filmmaking, Young filmmakers (8-16 years), DIY filmmaking, female BAME filmmakers.

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